by Corners

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released November 13, 2014

Made by Gareth Edwards



all rights reserved


Gareth Edwards Brisbane, Australia

Suburban, ambient folk. A one-man band.

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Track Name: A Garage
I come downstairs
you walk away
something bad in the air
you just won't say

I've been worrying
I've been losing my mind
you've been hiding out
waiting for the right time

but there's no good time
to say it's over
and there's no easy way
to end our life together

so I catch up with you
in the garage
you're messing around
with something in the car
and I make you tell me
and I fall apart
you cry and shout
you go all the way to town
and back, and out again
and back, and out again

now I'm standing
on the concrete
of the home we made
filling up my brain
with all the things I won't say
like don't do this, please
don't go away
but it's all too late

you're back upstairs
somewhere being brave

I'm paralysed
listening to the kids play
Track Name: A Cold Summer
no crows a'calling
to the magpies
across the street

no neighbours a'staring
not wondering
where is he going?

on the day I left our home

no baby's a'crying
no mothers grinding their teeth
no radios a'blaring
twenty minutes
commercial free

on the day I left our home

no dragonflies a'hovering
above the pool
in the midday heat

not a creature was stirring
all around us
there was peace

on the day I left our home

I know
you are listening
to the loneliest of all my songs

but don't you go
a'worrying about me
rattling my bones

in the days since I left home
Track Name: Detective Shows
telephone, flashing alone
in the room I call "the spare"
behind a closed door
don't wanna see you anymore
just pretend that no-one's there

I put out the light
settle in foor the night
this couch is too short for my legs
detective shows, music videos
how I fill the holes that you left in my life

on the weekend
I catch up with some friends
try to forget you for a little while
but at the end of the night
a solitary bus ride
I'm staring into the black
blackness staring back

lonely man
the moon don't shine for you
sun don't rise for you
birds don't call to you anymore

seems life is for the lovers
and time is for the others

trouble man
the dream has disappeared
hopes all drowned in tears
and no-one's around to hear about it
Track Name: I Will be Dry
five-fifteen, day one
and I'm trying, really trying
this time

and tonight
I will sit down with the years
let the do what they do
I won't interfere

four thirty-three, day two
waking up, clear headed
to the space that was you

and this morning
I'll go walking with the tears
let them own my eyes
I won't interfere

six forty-nine, day three
and the panic ebbs and rises
I should get out of here
but I just can't

and this evening
I will lay down wth the fears
let them hold my heart
I won't interfere

I will be dry
I will stop trying
to drink you off my mind

I will be dry
Track Name: Putting the Horses to Bed
it's time
to put the horses to bed
the breeze
rolling down the hillside
sets the leaves slapping
and the bats flapping away

dog paddling
across the dam
chasing the ducks away
smoke spilling
from the neighbour's house
the cold descends rapidly today

so come along now
let's brush you down
and i will lay a blanket on your back
a palm on your forehead and say

the endless fence
disappearing, unfinished
into the scrub around the back
i know, i can see
i'll have to let it go
before this place
gets too big for me

so come along now
let's brush you down
and i will lay a blanket on your back
a palm on your forehead and say

goodnight, goodbye
Track Name: Angela
it's good to see you again
how are you?
like what you've done to your hair
so, you're working
must be good to have
steady money coming in
you make it sound so cruisey

I can barely understand
a word you're saying
won't you take a stool now, man?
where'd you meet her?
she reminds me of that girl
from twenty years ago
you make it look so easy

and oh how she talks
through your shrugging silence

you've been working very hard
to get the money
to buy yourself that pretty car
you wanna run away
to the country or the sea
will you go soon?
leaving here ain't easy

smoke it up
down the freeway
with the wind bawling
and the road dust falling
sprinkling the past
Track Name: Stoned
sometimes I get tired
of trying so hard
to do all the right things

sometimes I want to be left alone
not walking through the past
not walking to the future

so I step outside
into the weak porch light

wrapped up in the heavy damp air
dogs barking in the builder's yard say -
who's that coming now?
stay away
or we will cut you down

then I draw back hard
and I am ascending
into a dark and endless space
somewhere among the stars

then I draw back hard
and I am ascending
into a dark and endless space
somewhere among the stars

what would you say?
would you shake your head and walk away from me?
so why don't you
just turn around
and walk away from me?

no need to worry now
no need to worry now
no need to worry now
Track Name: The Day is Yours and Mine
one sunny morning
some time from now
you will wake up
without me on your mind
and not realise

one fine, fine morning
some time from now
I will wake up
without you on my mind
and not realise

not angry anymore
not crying anymore
the day is yours and mine

not angry anymore
not crying anymore
everything is mostly fine